Tuesday, 18 November 2014

first photoshop prints

heres an example of how i created my first print. first scanning the image in, making sure it was at the correct resolution of 300. I then went on to using the magic eraser tool to get rid of the dull grey colour.
I darkened the contract of the image so that the black line stood out more and then filled in the print with the paint bucket tool, using this tool for me is much easier than using the paint brush, as it is less time consuming and gives more of a block colour effect.
I then went on to play around with composition and what the image would look like in repeat.

Here are some examples of the designs i created, the bottom two being more experimental. 
As i continue with my work i hope to create stronger designs and experiment with different composition and colour.
I feel these are successful for my second go at photoshop and playing around with the tools helped me decide which where my most preffered.

Friday, 14 November 2014


i have chosen to look unto chintz style from the 18th century due to the detail used in the drawings. i am very much into mark making so i would like to include the chintz style marks in my own way, added to my drawings of taxidermy, still including the sense of realism within some of my drawings to keep my designs more up to date.

i have chosen to look into taxidermy, mainly woodland creatures as i live closer to woodland areas giving me more choice of things to draw. Also after researching into the 18th century i noticed taxidermy was popular back then, i read that nearly every town had a tannery business.
also looking into chintz style i noticed they used animals such as birds and butterflies, probably inspired by taxidermy.
Although taxidermy isn't as popular in the 20th century, its still accessible in museums and some house holds.

i feel with the patterns in butterflies i can create my own marks and style influenced by chintz.

sticking with the woodland theme i have been looking into botanical stye plants, mainly drawn to thistles and foxglove due to the shapes and colours.

I've always been intrigued by baroque style, so i was thinking of adding this to perhaps the backgrounds or some of the plants.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mark making.

i have been finding it difficult to work in an abstract way so i thought i would experiment with mark making and try create images out of the marks. 
After trying out different mark i want to include them more into my project and create more abstract images using the marks.


Monday, 6 October 2014

starting university - first brief.

For our first project we have been given the brief of 1950s design, after looking at prints from the 1950s i noticed that it is mostly abstract, which as you can see from my previous work, this isn't my strong point. we were given a number of drawing tasks and where asked to draw from a collection of objects, you can see in the above picture what i have been drawing, i collected mainly shells, feathers and flowers. I was forced to step away from detail and attempt to draw using continual line and drawing without looking, at first this was hard to get into and i felt my work wasn't up to the standard i wanted it to be, but eventually i started to feel more comfortable doing this. I feel by first drawing in detail, you can eventually break the drawing up and find shapes and form within the drawing to create a new image. We were also given the task to create negative and positive images, i chose a poppy out of my chosen objects as i felt this would give more of a defined edge, so you can see where the image came from. I am extremely happy with how this turned out, out of the tasks we were given i feel this was the strongest outcome.
Out of the selection of objects i drew i was drawn to my drawings of poppies and i wish to develop these further and research into the nature side of print, i will continue to do observational drawing and break the drawings up to create a more abstract form.