Monday, 6 October 2014

starting university - first brief.

For our first project we have been given the brief of 1950s design, after looking at prints from the 1950s i noticed that it is mostly abstract, which as you can see from my previous work, this isn't my strong point. we were given a number of drawing tasks and where asked to draw from a collection of objects, you can see in the above picture what i have been drawing, i collected mainly shells, feathers and flowers. I was forced to step away from detail and attempt to draw using continual line and drawing without looking, at first this was hard to get into and i felt my work wasn't up to the standard i wanted it to be, but eventually i started to feel more comfortable doing this. I feel by first drawing in detail, you can eventually break the drawing up and find shapes and form within the drawing to create a new image. We were also given the task to create negative and positive images, i chose a poppy out of my chosen objects as i felt this would give more of a defined edge, so you can see where the image came from. I am extremely happy with how this turned out, out of the tasks we were given i feel this was the strongest outcome.
Out of the selection of objects i drew i was drawn to my drawings of poppies and i wish to develop these further and research into the nature side of print, i will continue to do observational drawing and break the drawings up to create a more abstract form. 

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