Friday, 14 November 2014


i have chosen to look unto chintz style from the 18th century due to the detail used in the drawings. i am very much into mark making so i would like to include the chintz style marks in my own way, added to my drawings of taxidermy, still including the sense of realism within some of my drawings to keep my designs more up to date.

i have chosen to look into taxidermy, mainly woodland creatures as i live closer to woodland areas giving me more choice of things to draw. Also after researching into the 18th century i noticed taxidermy was popular back then, i read that nearly every town had a tannery business.
also looking into chintz style i noticed they used animals such as birds and butterflies, probably inspired by taxidermy.
Although taxidermy isn't as popular in the 20th century, its still accessible in museums and some house holds.

i feel with the patterns in butterflies i can create my own marks and style influenced by chintz.

sticking with the woodland theme i have been looking into botanical stye plants, mainly drawn to thistles and foxglove due to the shapes and colours.

I've always been intrigued by baroque style, so i was thinking of adding this to perhaps the backgrounds or some of the plants.

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