Tuesday, 18 November 2014

first photoshop prints

heres an example of how i created my first print. first scanning the image in, making sure it was at the correct resolution of 300. I then went on to using the magic eraser tool to get rid of the dull grey colour.
I darkened the contract of the image so that the black line stood out more and then filled in the print with the paint bucket tool, using this tool for me is much easier than using the paint brush, as it is less time consuming and gives more of a block colour effect.
I then went on to play around with composition and what the image would look like in repeat.

Here are some examples of the designs i created, the bottom two being more experimental. 
As i continue with my work i hope to create stronger designs and experiment with different composition and colour.
I feel these are successful for my second go at photoshop and playing around with the tools helped me decide which where my most preffered.

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